How to Hide your Pregnancy

Some people may wonder why anyone would want to hide their baby bump. The thing is pregnancy is a great news, but there’s no one forcing you to tell all your friends and relatives. Some ladies prefer to wait for a few months to break the news. Others want to scream from the rooftops immediately. Well, that should probably remind you we are all unique in our preferences. So, if you are the lady that wants to hide her baby bump for a while, here are ways to achieve this. 

 Get tricky with your maternity clothes

The reason for maternity clothes is to increase comfort and safety for your baby during pregnancy. When you are trying to hide your new status, you have to become a strategic shopper. First, you want to avoid any form-fitting clothes. No matter how soft and natural they feel, they are designed to show off the bump and new curves. Your maternity clothes should be stylish and tricky, so they are not easily identified as maternity clothes. Opt for flowy tops, loose tops, loose dresses, and sweaters. This is the best time to keep matching denim or leggings with a casual, loose top. Let everyone think you are suddenly laid back. Be sure to take special care with your shoes, find supportive footwears that never threaten your balance. 

Have a partner in crime 

You must know it will be difficult to keep a secret such as pregnancy with no help. Tell at least one trusted friend, relative, or co-worker who is with you most of the day. They can always prove helpful when you are in a tight position and about to be discovered. 

Take precautions on outings

A night out with friends can be dangerous when you are hiding your pregnancy. Your friends would be their usual happy selves, drinking, laughing, and eating all sorts of things an expecting mother shouldn’t touch. So, how do you avoid going with the flow without getting caught? Lots of precautions!

Start by establishing friendship with the bartender at your usual spot and if possible explain your situation. He should always serve you water or something safer than alcohol when you are with your friends. If that won’t work, tell your friends you want to be the designated driver and would prefer to stay sober. If you are out with your spouse, you can both exchange drinks as his gets lower. 

 Learn to confuse and distract

The endgame is to take eyes of your abdomen and direct them somewhere else. Put those carefully selected maternity clothes to work. Wear two contrasting prints to completely send the eyes bouncing off your abdomen. Use a scarf at family meetings. Wear a plaid shirt or plaid designs. Their unique prints is a perfect distraction and they do not cling to your baby bump. 

After evading and keeping the secret long enough, the time will come for the big reveal. It will be shocking yet thrilling. Don’t forget to shop at the store for all you need to pull this off.