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Women's Maternity Belt

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Women Maternity Belt 


  • Material:Cotton Blends

  • Waist:75-150cm/29.5-59.1"
  • Product categories: Safety of pregnant women with miscarriage support
  • It can support the back up
  • To help pregnant women to maintain the correct posture, so that pregnant women in pregnancy is still brisk
  • Can make the fetus has safe feeling.
  • To improve the low back pain, back pain has obvious effect
  • With the effect of heat preservation, the fetal growth in the warm environment
  • The matters needing attention:Do not pack too tightly girdle,Sleep at night take off
    Size Smallest Length Largest Length
    S 72cm/28.4" 97cm/31.2"
    M 76cm/29.9" 108cm/42.5"
    L 81cm/31.9" 117cm/46.1"
    XL 88cm/34.6" 128cm/50.4"
    XXL 95cm/37.4" 39cm/15.4"

    Size:S Smallest Length :72cm/28.4" Largest Length:97cm/31.2"
    Size:M Smallest Length :76cm/29.9" Largest Length:108cm/42.5"
    Size:L Smallest Length :81cm/31.9" Largest Length:117cm/46.1"
    Size:XL Smallest Length :88cm/34.6" Largest Length:128cm/50.4"
    Size:XXL Smallest Length :95cm/37.4" Largest Length:39cm/15.4"